Political Rejection Kit

A poem in 108 bumper stickers and a tee-shirt, with preface

108 Bumper Stickers

All politicians are rascals

They all lie

They're all bought and paid for

One's no better than the rest

Turn the rascals out!

Vote against them all

None of the above

Don't be angry

Be indignant!

Politics is a scoundrel's game

They take your money
and give it to their friends!

They're feeding you shit!



Say no to all their shit!

Better yet, just ignore them

Just say " No, thank you very much."

Tune the rascals out

ignore your local congressman

ignore your local congresswoman

ignore the president

ignore the rules and regulations

challenge teachers

entertain heresy

flout convention

consort with the enemy

operate autonomously

pity bureaucrats

lie to polltakers

ignore politicians

Ignore them and you take their power

Now you have power,
take responsibility.

Take responsibility, not shit!

Find your own truth

there's truth enough for all

Make your own sense

make it any way you can

Every way leads in one right direction

Find the common ground

We are all together in this

Politicians don't help at all

We can do it ourselves

do it with the neighbors

do it with perfect strangers

conceive justice

conceive community

say it...

I will do my part

I will be just

I will just be

applaud eccentricity

a little crazy never hurt

welcome diversity

divergence distinguishes the path

split the difference

difference creates wealth

The earth is generous

Share it!

Great wealth shared is enough for all

all together on one earth

all together in one task

Enlarge the common wealth

We can do it without the politicians

We can afford to be generous

We cannot afford a war on drugs

We cannot afford war over oil

We have to stop these shitty wars

We cannot afford war

We can afford to be kind

stop pushing

don't take offense

release anger

breathe deeply and count to 108

demand less

accept more

accept ambiguity

We may both be right

don't push

give slack

say it clearly...

I see what you want

I want what you want

Let's get what we both want

Let's get it all together

We can get smart together

Schools are prisons

We must be free to learn

Tell me what you know for sure

I'll tell you what I know

say it on your bumper...

If you can read this,
teach someone else to read

Say it like you mean it...

I will find my own truths

I will deal with my own karma

I'm not prepared to kill anybody

I won't join your war

I will try not to get fucked up

I welcome your help

I will help you if I can

We will come to common ground

me and my neighbors

me and my fellow citizens

us humans

Hallow common ground

All together tilts the balance

We'll make it better without politicians

Where in hell did they go, anyway?

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