Green Anarchy Harangue

CITIZENS, we do not need these governors and presidents and kings! In a green world there is no government. There is cosmic chance and individual purpose; there is community; but there is no government.

Citizens, if we are to be green together, we must oppose the coalition of black and white that everywhere opposes green.

Fellow Citizensmerchants, manufacturers, executives and managerswhen our leaders of industry tell us that green must be sacrificed to keep the bottom line black, oppose them. It is our wealth and the wealth of our children that they are sacrificing. Sister citizensworkers, warriors, victims of oppressionwhen the leaders of the revolution tell us that green must be sacrificed to win power for red or for black or for white, oppose them. It is our birthright they would sacrifice, and anything we win in the revolution will turn bitter and grey without it.

Oppose themyour legislators, your employers, your consultants, your beloved leaderswhen they tell you that you must destroy something greena park, a river, a biome, a species, an ocean, an atmosphere, a footpathin order to be wealthy or powerful or free.

Citizens, a green world is the only world in which we can live together. When the green in our world is diminished, every single one of us is poorer, power can only be used to enslave, and there is no freedom.

A Green Party will not help us. What do we want with Green Senators, Green Presidents, Green Kings or Green Commissars? They will still be Kings and Commissars when they have withered to grey, and we wish to be green always.

Citizens, our Government will not help us. We must help ourselves.

Green Decalogue

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