I am LOS, an anarchist and an optimist, both qualified. My optimism is qualified by a mighty sad realization that the barbarians are within the gates, that brutality is on the increase and its force appears unstoppable. Yet I am an optimist.

My anarchy is tempered by the recognition that well-being and freedom, in the absence of government, will still demand a citizenry willing to subordinate personal and tribal demands to the need of the community for order and trust. I don't see that happening anywhere; instead, I see the wicked misapplication of the word anarchy to the increasingly common process whereby unadorned thugs replace thugs adorned as legitimate governments and continue to destroy community and tyrannize its refugees. Still, I am an anarchist.

Here are some things I wrote some time ago. (I also converted these to html pages a while back, early in the learning curve; some clumsiness is apparent.) I welcome your comments; send them to los@wmblake.com.

Governments need people....

A brief prophecy.

Political Rejection Kit

A poem in 108 bumper stickers and a tee shirt, with preface and technical notes.

Get off this land!

An anarchist fable.

Green Anarchy Harangue

A rant.

Green Decalogue

What shall  we do....

The Uses of Pseudonymity

A justification.
More recently, I have become first instigator of the Church of Many Gods. I hope you will visit the ManyGods site, and I thank you for your visit here.

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